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Happy Tastebuds = Happy Profits

Pizza is life. If you’ve ever bought a snack from a vending machine, imagine if one of the options was a fresh, hot slice of pizza. Now multiply that by the number of vending machines you’ve seen in your life. Our exclusive Pizza Express vending machines offer variety, and that means this unique, turnkey business will put money in your pocket.

Profit Centre Features

Advertising Screen
Pizza Dispenser
Advanced Features
Flavour Buttons
Double Balance Oven
Cashless System

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Why Become a Pizza Express Vending Business Partner?

First Canadian Opportunity

This new technology hasn’t been seen in Canada, until now. Securing your territory now gives you a huge advantage in the market! Hot snacks are a game changer, and you can be part of the revolution, while making money.

Done-For-You Set Up

All you need to do is choose your package. We do the legwork to find you a profitable location and get your machine onsite. Then, add snacks and watch your wealth grow. This business is the definition of working smarter, not harder!

Unique Products Sell

Most vending machines have a predictable range of small snacks. Hot, filling, pizza with a choice of flavours and baked to perfection in minutes is a new option that will pique the interest, and the appetite of snackers in all your locations.

High Return on Investment

One-of-a-kind snacks mean scalable revenue, and your Pizza Express Profit Centre is sure to deliver on both. Satisfied customers will be back for more, and margins of over 3x make this a valuable way to build your vending business.

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Exclusive Prime Locations

Your Pizza Express Vending Business package includes location sourcing in your geographic area. We are passionate about your success, and pursue large, high traffic placement opportunities for each operator. You will also enjoy exclusive rights to your territory.

Imagine your business in:

  • Hospitals
  • Sports Arenas
  • Amazon Warehouses
  • Airports
  • Schools & Universities
  • Hotels

Become One of The First Pizza Express Vending Partners in Canada

This is a new opportunity in Canada, so you might be surprised to learn that many owners are just like you – regular people who are looking for a way to level up their lifestyle. Here’s why they choose Pizza Express vending machines.

Increase Your Earnings

Low wages, infrequent raises, and a high cost of living mean the average Canadian struggles to get out get out of the paycheque-to-paycheque cycle and save for the future and retirement. A Pizza Express Profit Centre unlocks your ability to earn more.

Leave the 9-5 Behind

Your business doesn’t need to stop with just one machine. Reinvest profits in additional machines to scale up. As your passive earnings grow, you may even decide to ditch the full-time job and live the semi-retired or entrepreneurial dream life.

Find Life Freedom

Work the hours you enjoy, see your wealth grow, and enjoy a life where you call the shots. When you become the boss, you take charge of your freedom, and that feels amazing. You deserve to live a life you love, every day.

Stand Out in the Crowd with 24HR Express Vending

Our partners are our priority. You want to build your wealth and a thriving business. We want to help you get there. As industry leaders in the vending business, we offer one of the most exclusive and comprehensive start up packages available.

Custom Machines

Top of the line technology in each Profit Centre includes inventory tracking and management features, secure and low-maintenance solid metal construction, LED lights, and a 19’ multi-media display that is programmable for additional ad revenue.

Exclusive Territories

As a Pringles Vending Business Partner, you will receive exclusive rights to your geographic territory. In addition, we provide you with the machines, wholesaler connections, and premier location options as part of your package.

A Business System

Renowned as one of the best vending industry providers, when you work with 24HR Express Vending, you will also receive a business plan, training, and access to additional coaching. Plus, there are NO FRANCHISE FEES!

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